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Watermelon Sugar Swizzle Sticks 10 Pack

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Sugar swizzle sticks are perfect for candy buffets, wedding favour gifts and just to enjoy yourself!

Flavoured swizzle sticks have a huge presence on the party and wedding scene in the US and around the world. Often they are used in candy buffets and dessert tables to complement a particular colour theme. They can be eaten right off the stick, similar to a lollipop!

Swizzle sticks can also be used as a nice addition to your favourite cocktail or glass of champagne. Just add to your drink, stir and watch the magic happen!

Flavours include plain, cotton candy, blue raspberry, apple, watermelon, cherry, orange, strawberry, blueberry, black cherry and banana. 


Ingredients - Pure cane sugar and US colour (approved by the EFSA)
Kosher friendly
Stick 16cm long, Candy between 7 and 10cm

PLEASE NOTE: Due to that way these products are made the colour and amount of rock candy on each stick may vary

10 pack

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