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An Interview with Ishari De Silva, Wedding Planner

Posted on June 07 2018

Hello! Today we chat to the lovely Ishari De Silver, London Wedding Planner. I asked her five things that we may not know about her.....

♥ I was born in Sri Lanka and have lived in the UK since I was 13.

♥ My dad was a Hotelier and I grew up in and around luxury hotels so I have a feeling that subconsciously stayed within me and made me in to the most detail obsessed wedding planner (and person) ever!!!!!!

♥ I’m extremely competitive, perfectionist and proud. Not sure if thats a good quality or not…. If not blame my mum (but I like it, it helps in business)!

♥ I love beauty and fashion to the point of obsession. I have several beauty and fashion sites and online shops open on my laptop at all times and I’m constantly researching lotions and potions and the science behind them.

♥ Family is everything! We have an extremely close knit family uncles and aunts are like parents, cousins are sisters and brothers. My grandparents are my everything!

Thank you so much Ishari for sharing a little part of your world. If you want to connect with Ishari, you can find all her details here: 







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