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My Business.... Where did it all Start?

Posted on June 07 2018

I often get asked this question a lot and the truth is I was so determined not to go back to my previous job in events after my second child I decided I would have my own business. **Note, if anyone is reading this from old work place, I honestly did LOVE my job - but the long hours and travel just wasn't going to work with me and raising my family. Kudos to anyone working in events with children - it is hard! 

As I loved creating sweet and dessert tables for friends and family it seemed natural for me to run a candy buffet business - and that is where I started very briefly! I think I only stuck at this for about 6 months, as I soon realised this is also pretty hard work, and most of the work was on the weekends - something I really wanted to avoid. 

Three years ago I noticed a gap in the market for products for sweet and dessert tables - swizzle sticks, cake stands etc. I slowly started buying things like baking cups and paper straws and started selling them on eBay. 


Photo - Three years ago on my Instagram account I shared our new products. Bless, only my cousin and sister liked my photo :-)

I sometimes cringe when I see those early photos and although it is tempting to delete those awful vintage inspired filtered photos it is all part of my journey. I wouldn't change it....

Here are some things I wish I had worked out from the start.....

- Check your product costs and margins! I do wonder how people can sell items for so cheap (almost at cost price!). When I really took the time to delve deeper into my products and margins I had to increase my pricing. I still need to making money to pay the bills. 

- Don't say yes to everything. In the beginning I was so eager to please and got some great enquiries from bloggers and bridal magazines. On some of these occasions I spent a lot of money on products and also time and money delivering items beyond my means. I wish I had the confidence at the time to just say thank you, but not thanks. 


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