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Shopkins Party Ideas

Posted on June 07 2018

By Claire Amos.

Party themes and there every growing popularity

Anyone that has children aged between 3 and 10 will have no doubt been subjected to a number of YouTube videos showing various people unboxing series 1, 2 and 3 of the ever growing range of Shopkins.  If you have been lucky enough to avoid these small toys then let me give you the back ground.  Shopkins were first launched in 2014 in Australia and are small collectible toys based on grocery items with each figure having a face and a unique name.  Their introduction across the globe has not only spawned a whole host of supporting merchandise but over the later part of 2015 and early 2016 Shopkins has become a popular party theme for partieseverywhere.
One look on the Shopkins world website shows that these friendly little figures come in a host of shapes and sizes which lends them perfectly to a range of party options.  You can opt for the large scale theming such as those beautifully executed by Ellenari Events (Instagram @ellenarievents) and featured The Party Bebe or the stunning attention to detail featured on Catch my Party (Instagram @catchmyparty)
If however you just want to opt for some smaller Shopkins details in one of your parties here are some ideas that you could use.
Every party needs invites so why not start your theme with the first thing that everyone is going to see and let them know exactly the type of party they are attending.  You could easily pick some up online from somewhere such as Party Delights or order something more personalised from Etsy or even eBay that could be custom designed for you with even a print at home option. 
Party Delights 
Birthday Cakes
At any party regardless of the theme or age the cake tends to provide the focal point and can the best opportunity to go all out on design and colours.  As dessert tables have grown in popularity and frequency I think that cake design has become a true art form.  One simple Google search returns hundreds of ideas and these are just a few of the best that I have found.  Even using a small element from each one to create your custom design means that no one else will have the same cake at their party.
The House of Cakes
The French Confection Co.
The Custom Cakery 
Sweet Treats
Shopkins are bright, bold and grocery based meaning that you can opt for anything to fill your dessert table.  It can be something as simple as popcorn in bold candy striped boxes or even the birthday staple of cupcakes topped with brightly coloured icing which could easily be made at home then finished with a topper.  Another option would be to use the birthday girls favourite dessert labelled in a Shopkins style. It really is anything goes!
Popcorn boxes – Etsy 
Popcorn boxes – The Sweet Hostess and featured on
With the choice of colours endless for a Shopkins theme the world is really your oyster.  Bright pink table cloths paired pink sequins, honeycomb decorations and paper fans would make a perfect bold party table.
All décor The Sweet Hostess
Another simple and effective décor option would be to add small plastic milk bottles to the tables complete with bright stickers and paper straws.  You could even add a downloadable water bottle label to brighten everything up.  Mini milk bottles are always an instant hit with children.
Shopkins mix paper straws 
Downloadable water bottle labels – Etsy -
Over the past couple of years the availability of good printables has increased and they can be a life saver.  We are not all equipped with the skills of a graphic designer or the IT equipment to even attempt to create the design that has been sat in the back of our heads for the past 3 weeks!  As I have already mentioned you have the option of using a printable for anything from invites to water bottle labels and everything in between.  Below are some of the best Shopkins themed printables I have found, some of them even free!  It looks like the collection will just keep growing and I am certain that there is now a printable available for every occasion.
Free Shopkins party banner – Daisy Celebrates
Free Invites & bottle labels - Little Wish Parties 
Downloadable water bottle labels – Etsy -
Popcorn boxes – Etsy -
Free Cupcake toppers & food labels – Delicate Construction -
Free Shopkins colouring sheets – Shopkins World -
Author Claire Amos. Follower her on Instagram @claireamos and email 


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